Monday, May 18, 2009

Yay for Ibis!

I'm so happy for Ibis! He's been working a lot lately. Lots of overtime (which is good for our income) with the company he's working for now. We're starting our house hunting this week and we've been pre-approved for a home loan. We're so excited that we'll be able to get out of this apartment this year (hopefully!) and that we'll have more room to add some more little ones. :o)

Speaking of little ones, here are some recent pictures of my Marli Jayne

Marli likes to drink milk and water. That's all I ever give her to drink. I choose to not give her juice, but it's fine if she has some at Grandma's house. She has one bottle of milk and one bottle of water in her hands and she didn't want to put either one of them down!

As you can see, she's by the door. In her right hand, she has my car keys. She put on Ibis' hat and grabbed my keys and started waving "bye bye". Too cute!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Fun at the beach with Daddy

Listenin' to some tunes!

Friday, May 1, 2009

More Cakes from My Classes

I've been taking the Advanced Cake Decorating Class with Amy Malone and here are the cakes I've decorated during this class:

This cake was a two-toned cake with oriental poppies (made of royal icing) and a ribbon, zig-zag swag border on the sides. Since Ibis's birthday was the day before I made this cake, I chose to make the cake for him. :o)

This cake was made with a stencil and with airbrushing underneath it. The black outlining is done with black piping gel and if you look closely, you will see paw prints on the sides and a dog bone border.

This cake I made outside of class for a competition at church. It needed to be a car-themed cake, so I made two six inch round cakes and cut them in half for the wheels. There was a little extra of those rounds, so that is what made the pieces for the top of the car, which is sitting on a 9x13 inch sheet cake. My first carved-out cake made at home. Hope it does well in the competition! Who knows?

Silly Mami!

I need to write down some very cute things that Marli does that are just precious and need to get put down somewhere! Yesterday, she grabbed Ibis' ball cap and put it on her head backwards. Then, she grabbed her bee (a talking toy that goes through numbers and sings songs and stuff) and my keys and walked toward the door, ready to leave! So cute.

She is now saying these words: bye bye, uh-oh!, mama, papa, puppy, elfow (elephant), shoe. There are probably more, but I can't think of them right now. She loves peas. I mean, LOVES peas. Can't get enough. She waves bye bye with her palm facing herself as if she were saying goodbye to herself. Very cute. When I grab some Cheerios as a snack for her, she immediately runs over to her little plush box, sits down with it in front of her and waits for me to put her snack inside. She then proceeds to eat her Cheerios and milk.
When Marli is asked to smell a flower, she blows on it as if she was blowing out candles on a cake! Since that's the sound she hears when people sniff, I guess that's how she's figured out how to make the sound.