Thursday, April 29, 2010

News, News and More News....

Well, actually, not too much news. Turns out we can't buy the house we wanted because of a stupid techincality, despite having our offer accepted. Blah! Anyway, the hunt is still on and we're still keeping our fingers crossed that we'll find something soon.

In other news, we were trying for a baby for about a month in January, but then I was offered a lead role in a show at Lyric Opera for the fall (Gigi in Gigi....that would have put me at around 9 months pregnant! Sooo....I did not get pregnant, despite our best efforts, and we stopped trying for the time being. Although, it would have been great news either way. I'm still really, really, really wanting to have another baby asap! Stay tuned, though because we'll be on the baby hunt at the end of the year (probably around September/October) after my show ends.

I also was called back for a couple of leading roles at Starlight Theatre. I haven't auditioned there in quite a few years because of pregnancy and other stuff going on. So, I decided to audition again this year and I was super close to getting the lead in Suds. But, they went with someone else, telling me that I was the second choice. I still have another callback for The Pajama Game this weekend; however, the role is a glorified chorus role. On the plus side, I'd really get to do lots of dancing, which I miss. So, I'm still interested in getting that role and I'll see what happens.

Marli is still as cute as ever. She's talking up a storm and she understands practically everything we say. She knows all her colors and she can even read a tiny bit. She's on her way to learning her alphabet and she knows all her animals, too. She says "bless you" when I sneeze and after I say "bless you" when she sneezes, she says "thank you". Very polite! She's still lovin' the Elmo and Ibis got her a super cute Elmo armchair from the swap meet for $6. Way to go, Daddy! Cute words:

Bula - balloon
Ewata- Elephant
Saraca - Santa Claus (yes, it's almost May and she's still obsessed with the jolly old man)

Overall, she's such a sweetheart and I love being with her! I can't wait to meet my new nephew, Ian. I will definitely get out there soon to Texas to visit with Reagan and Ian. :)

Ibis's job is going well. Looks like he'll be with this company for a long time. Please pray that he does!

I guess that's about it for now....I'm still teaching ballroom dance, cake decorating classes and selling my Mary Kay products. Just keeping super busy, as usual.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian Nathaniel Lynch!

My sister, Erin, gave birth today to a healthy baby boy! I'm so excited that we have a little boy in our immediate family now. :) He weighed in at 10 lbs even, 20.5 inches at 12:46pm on April 26th, 2010. YAY!