Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gigi's Over

I had one of the best experiences in being Gigi at Lyric. What a great show it was! I am so grateful for that theater company and their belief in me as an actress/singer/dancer. I wish I could do every show there! The final Saturday performance was magical. I'm not sure why exactly, but there was something about it that just spoke to me and made me truly understand why it is that I perform and why I was given my talents. I'm so happy that that was the performance that they taped. :)

Me during rehearsal...This was a photo taken for the Union Tribune newspaper for an artical that came out the day before the show opened.

Me and Leon Natker, General Director of Lyric at the Birch

Benjamin Robinson (my Gaston)

Leigh Scarritt and Rita Cantos Cartwright in background, me and Ben after ballet number
Me and Leigh Scarritt as my Aunt Alicia
The Night They Invented Champagne! Rita, Benjamin and myself