Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a Year!

Well, it finally happened!  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  To those of you who live near us, this is no surprise, as it happened last December.  We closed on a cute little house in a Snow White neighborhood on Decembe 23rd, 2011 and Marli got her castle.  :) 

Not much else is super new, other than Marli starting Transitional Kindergarten this August.  She LOVES school and is among the top students in her class.  She is starting to read and is loving every minute of it.  She will be 5 (whoa!) this November and we are planning a big Harry Potter-themed party for her.  It will be fabulous! ;)

Penelope will be 1 year old this November and she is going to participate in the Harry Potter party as well.  She is smiling and has 8 teeth so far.  She loves to crawl around and get into everything!  She's not the best sleeper at night, but since the girls share a room, that might be why.  We weren't able to let her cry it out like we did for Marli, otherwise she'll wake up her sister.  But, she's getting the sleep she needs, even if Mommy isn't.  *yawn*

Ibis is still working hard with ECS and he will be starting his basketball referreeing (is that a word?) this November.  He's still training at Kong Submission Academy when he can and loves to do choke holds on anyone who tolerates it.  LOL!

I have been auditioning all year long for different theater companies with no luck.  :(  For my San Diego Opera audition (the most important one of the year) I was sick.  *scream*  Not cool.  Well, I was able to get through it and they must have liked it, because they offered me two operas for the upcoming season. Yay!  Samson and Delilah will be in February and Murder in the Cathedral will be end of March/April.  So nice to have something to look forward to on the performing front! 

Here are a few cute pics of the family that were taken by my friend, Rachel Wattson