Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10-Year High School Reunion

Me with Ryan Montague (our Mr. Park Hill senior year)
I'm wearing 4-inch heels and still barely come up to his shoulder. Sheesh!
Kelly Armstrong, Me, Fred Maidment, Valerie Jones
Me with Kelly Armstrong (have known her since 8th grade!)
We used to hang out every day in the summertime at the pool or each other's house.
Me with Laura Meek Coppess (we used to ride the bus together in 8th grade)
Margaret Keiffer Bailey, Me, Tara Sloan Painter (my church girls!)
Me with Sarah Kinkaide Canovi (we used to hang out in 8th grade, too)
Ryan Pigg and me (good friend from high school and college)
Me and Niki Campbell Bradshaw (we took theater classes together in high school)
Jason Blazer and Me (my Shapoopie partner in Music Man freshman year)
Cari, Me, Jeff, Kaitlyn, and Ashley at the Visitor's Center in Independence, MO
The whole gang, Class of 1999 (a few got cut off on the sides)
Margaret Keiffer Bailey and Me
Me and Tyson Leone
A pic of me before the party
Me and Cari Moegling Maughan (one of my best friends from college days)

Has it been that long, really? I found the perfect outfit at Ross for WAY under my budget. Score! I also got some awesome shoes to go with it. I flew out to KC, MO and stayed with my good friends Cari and Jeff Maughan and their adorable little girls. The reunion was great. I missed everyone and it was a bit sureal to see everyone together and married and having kids and all. But, life goes on, right? I had a blast and I'm so glad I went. The only downside was not having Alice Anne there by my side. :(

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Here are some pics from my sister's visit a couple of weeks ago. We had lots of fun at the beach and hanging out. It was good to get the girls together since they don't see each other often at all.
At Tyler's Taste of Texas for breakfast. That's my sister and her daughter.
Me and the babies.
Aunt Mimo (my Aunt Esther) with the girls.
Marli and Reagan. Looks like Reagan was cheering Marli on with the bucket full of water. She walked it all the way from the water to the canopy!

Mommy and Marli
Grandma Mary and Moo
Roo and Moo
Aunt Erin and Marli